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The College named Dr. Ambedkar B.Ed. College situated at Sahapara, Bethuadahari, Nadia with a full of natural scenery is run under the management of Nadia Tapasili Jati-o-Adibasi Jagaran Samity.

The motto of the institute for which it is established aims at

i) By giving proper training & education to the students / trainees of young generation and brining about their all-round development.
ii) To make efficient qualified teachers for improvement and betterment of education.
iii) To make all the trainees self-dependent, self-supported and self-reliant.
iv) To help & motivate the trainees to perform creative & constructive work.
v) To increase the sense of democratic ideas and consciousness and ideal citizenship among the trainees / students of the new generations.
vi) To get the trainees equipped with the new approaches & style of education.
vii) To be acquainted with the idea of prevailing peace & harmony among the people irrespective of caste and religion.
viii) To be well acquainted with Environment.
ix) To spread education in the locality & surrounding places.

A teacher training is to be set up named Dr. Ambedkar B.Ed. College and the name reminds us that he was the Architect of Indian Constitution and we might pay homage to the Worthy son of India.

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